About Albis Consulting Group

We are committed to generating value for our clients.

medium_Hootsuite-Certified-JoseAlbisWe are a consortium of like-minded organizations dedicated to the development and integration of multiple lines of business.

With our expertise in old and new technologies and marketing strategies, we help you to achieve the business of your dreams while remaining competitive and profitable.

Our company is built on the principles of delivering quality solutions and providing reliable, reputable service.

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Founder and CEO of Albis Consulting Group

Jose has been an Online Marketing Engineer for over 15 years and is the CMO Co-founder of TicTalking and SPES Techonolgy Studios. Previously, Jose co-founded a Website Development Company (Syztech, 1996) and a Medical Offline/Online CRM Solution (Sofimed de Colombia S.A., 1998). Jose’s career has afforded him the experience in leading, directing, and managing a number of marketing departments and sales teams. He brings all of these experiences together to provide a holistic understanding of a businesses’ people, processes, and tools, which allows him to offer the best possible solutions to clients.

Jose is a member of the Board of Directors for the Inter-Cultural Association of Victoria, which provides information, support, and tools to help connect individuals and organizations across cultures.

As a published author, Jose has a passion for self-publishing. As part of Trafford Publishing from 2005 to 2009, Jose supported thousands of authors around the world in publishing and promoting their work in multiple languages. During his management, Jose proved to be a pioneer in the industry by incubating revolutionary processes, services, and products for Trafford. His work became the industry standard and continues to be implemented by many renowned publishing companies.

Jose holds a Diploma in Business from University of Victoria, a Junior Filmmaker certificate, a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, a Masters in Communications and a Media and TV Specialization. He is an awarded filmmaker and multimedia producer winning a Colombian Video Art Prize and the 2006 Blair L. Sadler International Healing Arts Competition for the project A Living History (in partnership with VIHA).

He actively participates in several community based organizations, including Young Entrepreneurs Society of Victoria, MediaNet, Victoria Web Marketing Group, Social Media Club and the Organizing Committee for Twestival Victoria.