Business Strategy

Competitive Intelligence and Business Modeling

Competitive intelligence goes beyond basic industry analysis. It uses online social graphs, influence, thought leadership, and applied market research to identify, define, and analyze your competition in detail. This information allows Albis Consulting Group to create advanced business modeling for your company that leverages the best technologies and strategies based on your industry and competition.

Online Marketing Strategy

You are online for a reason, to grow your business. Online marketing requires intention, expertise, and most importantly a plan. Different companies and audiences require unique strategies. After an analysis of your business goals and target audiences, Albis Consulting Group determines the unique online marketing strategies and tactics that will generate optimized results for your business. [read more about online marketing strategy]

Social Media Strategy

Actionable social media strategy begins with an assessment of your business goals and your market demographic and psychographic profiles to determine what social media are appropriate for your needs. The true power of social media is only measurable when your target market is engaged thoughtfully. Social media marketing is the application of passion, experience, and expertise to your online presence.

Business Development

In the past six years, the experts at Albis Consulting Group have pioneered Cost Per Acquisition verticals for entire industries. The companies we have worked with have been able to reduce their cost per lead by 30% to 50% without compromising the quality. Instead, better metrics and surveys were developed that now deliver better qualifying systems that improve overall quality.

Private Label Services

Private label solutions, also known as white label solutions, allow companies to offer their clients our expert online marketing solutions under their brand. This can be done as a separate offering or in tandem with existing products and services as an added value offering. Private label solutions provide companies with broader offering opportunities, stronger differentiation, and additional revenue streams.