Online Marketing Strategy

With so many tools, tactics, and metrics, it is easy to lose sight of why you are online. If your business is investing time, money and other resources, you expect returns. Website traffic, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and email clickthroughs are meaningless unless they translate into tangible results for your business.

To ensure worthwhile returns on the resources spent online, a business needs effective online marketing. Online marketing requires intention, expertise, and most importantly an online marketing strategy.

It is easy enough to create a Facebook fan page or simple blog. Even a basic website is relatively easy to build with a little help. The problem is not in creating the channels or content. The challenge is in creating the channels and content that deliver the best returns. Marketing online must be done with intention if we ever hope to influence the outcome.

After your intention comes expertise. Without intention, expertise lacks purpose. Conversely, without expertise, intention lacks efficiency and effectiveness. As changes in technology accelerate and become increasingly dynamic, however, developing and maintaining in-house online marketing expertise is becoming more and more resource intensive. Specialization is required, and for many businesses, that specialization must come in the form of an external partner or consultant in order to be cost effective.

The integration of intention with expertise to deliver on objectives is more commonly referred to as strategy. Strategy is at the core of any well-executed endeavour, and online marketing is no exception.

Building an effective online marketing strategy requires an understanding of the medium as well as the message. No external company or consultant will ever understand your message as well as you. That is why any external relationship must be a collaborative one. Different companies and audiences require unique strategies. In order to develop those strategies, you must be part of the process. If an external partner or consultant does not understand that, they do not possess the required expertise to deliver the best returns for your business.

After working with you to understand your business and its objectives, message, and audience, the next step is determining and developing the unique online marketing strategies and tactics that will generate optimized results for your business. This can include pay per click campaigns, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, blogging and other social media implementation, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and many other alternatives emerging daily. Selecting the best methods helps to ensure the best returns on your investment.

However, it is not only what you use online but also how you use it that delivers results.

At Albis Consulting Group, our online marketing strategies include content planning, comprehensive integration, and ongoing optimization. Content planning informs what to say through the selected channels. Integration of the channels translates into amplification in both reach and frequency of the message. Finally, optimization ensures the ongoing success of the strategy. It requires continued testing and evaluation.

If you have the intention and want to market online in a way that delivers results, connect with us and leverage our expertise in creating an online marketing strategy that will make the most of your investment.