Social Media

Corporate Social Media

Social media is transforming how businesses conduct lead generation and lead conversion. As certified Social Media Consultants, Albis Consulting Group is part of the network of social media companies pioneering this dynamic, rapidly evolving online arena. From the individual entrepreneur to the multinational corporation, every client receives our best in exceptional social media campaigns that offer professional execution and measurable returns. [read more about corporate social media]

Thought Leadership

Online leadership is participative leadership. Participation online is the definition of social media. Albis Consulting Group partners with you to create a plan, build a community, and grow your business through strategic thought leadership. This drives increased inbound marketing, which has lower costs, higher conversions, and cumulative benefits. [read more about thought leadership]

Social Media Training

Social media training is an important first step for individuals and small businesses lacking the resources to partner with a social media company in the short term. Albis Consulting Group offers workshops designed to teach you the basics of how to use social media and equip you with the tools necessary to create an effective online presence. This provides you with the foundation to start building a community online and begin generating results.